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Why MunchOn Eats?

MunchOn Eats lets you grow your online ordering business in a way that lets you expand the margin. Other online ordering services such as Grubhub and others charge a percentage fee as high as 15% of the gross guest check to restaurants.
MunchOn Eats lets you cap the top end of the fee for service license agreement at a rate much lower than our competition. That means that every sale you add through our platform will let you expand your margin.

Who is MunchOn Eats?

MunchOn Eats was started by an incubator firm in Mountain Lakes, New Jersey by a team of professionals with over 50 years of combined experience in the Payments, Hospitality and Food Service industries.

Is MunchOn Eats Safe?

MunchOn Eats uses Stripe exclusively as its secure online payment gateway. Stripe is the payment provider to many large online service companies including Lyft, Opentable, Target, Best Buy, Instacart and many other e-commerce market leaders. Stripe offers safe and secure platform for settlement directly with your restaurant within 2 business days. Stripe is PCI Compliant and helps against fraud and provides risk protection through payment card tokenization.

Why a monthly Fee?

MunchOn Eats charges a monthly software licensing fee for use of the software, website hosting, upgrades, maintenance and support.
Our competitors make money through a GIGANTIC share of YOUR revenue. We want to see you grow, but do not need to be in your pockets for as much as 15% like those guys. We cater to small independent restaurants who value every Dollar to grow their business.

Can MunchOn Eats Integrate With My POS System?

MunchOn Eats has signed a preferred partner agreement with Chowly ( as a preferred partner for POS integration. MunchOn Eats can immediately integrate with the following POS systems.
Dinerware, Epson Omni, Link, Firefly, Future, Granbury (Thrive), Gusto POS, Infogenesis, MICROS, Par Brink, Positouch, Pyrimont, Redfox POS, Revel, ServingIntel POS, Speedline, Squirrel & Toast

What Computer Hardware do I need to Launch my Restaurant on MunchOn Eats? Where do I get it?

We recommend an 8” or 10” Tablet and Star Micronics’ TSP650IIcloudPRNT thermal printer. These products are available as a MunchOn Eats package through our strategic partnership with Barcoding Inc.. Please visit to shop and order the computer hardware. Barcoding has included the Comprehensive “Swap a Star” Coverage for the printer solution.

Our Fee Structure

1. Initial License Fee


Includes domain name , Includes development of a website for your restaurant, Includes Facebook Business Setup

2. Monthly License Fee


No Monthly Fee

3. Gross Revenue Share


Gross Revenue Share if MunchOn remains the Restaurant's EXCLUSIVE Online Ordering Provider.

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